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When I heard Stacy describe what she has built with Studio B, I wished I had heard about it sooner. Stacy’s specialty is looking at how the physical systems of the body shift due to your psychology and how your psychology shifts the physical systems of the body. To have the integrated care of Studio B would transform my recovery. ~ Referral Network Curator, Kelly Miller

Who to refer: When you’re listening to those friends who are like, “I’m ready to take my life to the next level.” That’s what we specialize in.

Behind the Storefront:

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Listen for these comments:

It’s time for me to take care of this thing.

My health practitioner told me this gut health problem I keep coming in for is not physical.

When you’re with your friend and, for the 15 millionth time, they tell you, “Oh, I shouldn’t have this dessert.” And then they eat the whole frickin thing and half of yours. There’s a mismatch between what they want to do and what they do.

We get a lot of folks who have a special health condition like they’ve got a chronic illness, they’ve been diagnosed with something like cancer, they’re going through treatment after an injury. And now they’re feeling depressed because they can’t run like they used to or bike like they used to. And they have no stress relief in the same way. So they’re really struggling, but they’re getting back to their movement. They’re doing their pt. And they’re at that point, like, “I need some more support.” 

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How to tell people about Studio B: The idea of the Studio B is that they create integrative healthcare programming to create balance in both your body and behavior.

Unpacking Studio B:

Studio B has three doors you can enter through:

Entering through the body door looks similar to regular personal training or nutrition coaching

Coming in through the psychological health door can help you through the healing of old core wounding through the psyche and things like that.

Whichever door you come in through, Studio B cultivates the balance to help everything work for you and create symmetry, which does not always mean it looks the same on each side.

Studio B works to meet people where they are and then create the programming that is specific to them. They have practitioners and professionals with much experience in the clinic, including behavioral health providers, nutrition providers, personal training providers, movement specialists, and life coaches.