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Stacy Reuille-Dupont with Studio B

The Intersection of Body and Behavior:

Opening the Door to a Balanced Life

In this intriguing interview, we sit down with Stacy Reuille-Dupont, who gives us an in-depth understanding of how Studio B works to achieve harmony between physical health and mental well-being. Discover why the world needs places like Studio B, where personal trainers and nutrition coaches work hand in hand with psychologists to bring about positive life changes. Gain insights into how fitness goals can mitigate psychological wounding and the importance of achieving symmetry in life.

Studio B: The
Art & Science of B-ing
An Integrative Psychology & Physiology Studio in Durango, CO & Online Around the World.

Shift Gears & Create A Life You Love

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My response to hearing Stacy describe Studio B:

Wow! I am so grateful for this opportunity to be illuminated on this unique opportunity right here. I live just down the road from your brick-and-mortar office. I had no idea that I was living next door to something so incredible—such a fantastic offering.

Thank you so much for bringing Studio B to Durango.

So, I’ll let Stacy share the behind-the-scenes secret sauce of Studio B:

Our practitioners are great. They’re so wonderful. They’re great people. They care so deeply. They are interested in uncovering why you do what you do and helping you uplevel your life in your desired direction.

One of our mottos is that we might be doing hard things, but it doesn’t have to be hard. And so even though we’re doing hard things, maybe healing childhood trauma, dealing with a strong addiction pattern, or trying to get yourself from being sedentary on the couch, lose 50 pounds, and run a marathon.

We don’t feel like it has to be hard work. It might be something hard to deal with. And we can still get through it, have some fun, and enjoy the process of healing in building who we want to become.

We are online at Some of our programs and sessions are entirely online. We have folks who do complete telehealth for our behavioral health services. We have folks who do complete online training for their movement and nutrition. So they can find us online for some of those types of programs.

You can find us in the brick-and-mortar building in Purple Cliffs. On the second floor, we’re in suite 203. Some of our practitioners are dispersed as well. So, not all of us are in the same office; we have practitioners who have other offices all around town. So it depends on where you are. Some of our trainers and nutrition coaches come to your house. Some meet you in the park, and others at your gym of choice in the community. It just depends on what the client needs.

Call us. Our front desk staff is available to help you get started. They know which practitioners specialize in what and who’s helpful for what.

There’s a contact form online and our phone number at to get started.

We bill most insurances for the behavioral health side of our services.”

From Stacy:

“We work hard to help meet you where you are and then illuminate the path so that it doesn’t feel so scary.

We believe that if you take care of your body, you take care of your behavior, you’ll balance out your life, and balanced humans make a better world.”

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