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SOS Method:

The Stress-free Sales Operating System (SOS) for Solopreneurs and Small Businesses
  • Three-month program to clarify and amplify your marketing.
  • Meet in small groups three times a month to create a High-Converting Marketing Message integrated into your marketing materials through a Lead Magnet Makeover. 
  • Followed by three one-on-one sessions to incorporate this system into your unique business rhythms.

You’ll gain unique insights and strategies tailored specifically to your business’s needs, enabling you to deliver on your sales goals faster and more efficiently. 

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Discover what your website is communicating and learn how to fix it.

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Overwhelmed & Out of Answers?

What would it mean to you if you were consistently converting sales, and – instead of dreading the sales conversations – you enjoyed them because they felt natural and easy? I know this struggle. I’ve been there, and I understand it. It’s not insurmountable.

Imagine For A Moment, Instead...

Feeling in control, knowing you have it all together. Imagine working less while getting better results. Imagine feeling confident in your business and your abilities and being able to have the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of with financial freedom, family success, and fulfilling relationships with the people you love.

Together is Better, Let's Partner for Success!

I help business owners design systems and marketing that work smoothly for them and generate a profit so, just as I discovered, those things no longer take them away from their passion but rather into their creativity.

“Kelly has been instrumental in defining our goal, clarifying how to talk about it, and how to promote it. Helping with our marketing materials and with our website.”
~ Rick Stockwell, Owner

Kelly, I can hardly express my thanks for all of your hard work, tremendous patience, gentle leadership (when necessary), and also gentle yet firm hand when appropriate. You were always professional and great with the groups headed to Zambia for Impact. All of your leadership was so much more than people realize.

~ Debbie, Board Member, Northrise University Initiative

Kelly, it is from you that I learned how to be accountable, plan well for all tasks, and follow through always. From you, I learned to work hard and always put in the best effort.

~ Kalelwa, University Staff, Northrise University, Zambia

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Kelly Jean Miller

Business Consultant

Kelly Miller has built a successful career leading and growing non-profit organizations based in large part on her ability to see the 30,000′ vision and the itemized tasks necessary to get there. From this foundation, Kelly helps leaders navigate organizational, industry, and societal changes to move their organizations toward their vision.

Kelly has worked in the non-profit sector for over two decades. Ten years with a large city church and ten+ years with a multi-million dollar non-profit organization that supports a university in Africa. In this latter position, Kelly managed all aspects of the non-profit business, from finances to building websites and everything in between. Now, as a solopreneur, she brings her entrepreneurial experiences to serve and support her clients.

As a proponent of mental health, Kelly’s coaching focuses not only on helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses but also seeks to help them discover their authentic voice and break through the barriers holding them back so they can amplify their message in the noisy marketplace. 

Kelly is dedicated to helping people get their art, in whatever form and practice it takes, to a world that needs what only they can create.