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Sarah Shaw Consulting

“In my program, I teach you everything from how to price your products correctly to creating catalogs or line sheets, how to sell online, how to pitch to stores… how to work with celebrities.”
~ Sarah Shaw

Kelly MacNiven

Sarah Shaw Consulting: Turning Ideas Into Successful Businesses

Would you love discovering a million-dollar money-maker in your hobby? Sarah did just that. 

I met Sarah Shaw – Founder of Sarah Shaw Consulting – in doing this interview and was equally impressed and inspired. Sarah is a highly successful entrepreneur doing what she loves. And the best part is that what she loves is helping people like you and me grow our business. 

Sarah Shaw’s journey into entrepreneurship was born out of creativity and inspiration from a handbag idea she tucked away. A handbag she created as a crafts project and put away until inspiration struck to turn that project into a business. She took her handbag and got it into the hands of celebrities and a business was born. Leveraging celebrity appeal and her connections in the fashion industry where fashion crossed with movies, television, and magazines, Sarah mapped out a success path for herself.

Seeing Sarah’s success, Sarah became a go-to for friends wanting help connecting their products with celebrities, movies, and magazines. So Sarah created Retail Revolution, a coaching program that covers various business sales and marketing areas: pricing products correctly, creating catalogs/line sheets, selling online, pitching to stores, working with celebrities, and more. Sarah shares her vast contacts in retail and media as part of the program’s resources, making it easier for program participants to build their own networks and experience similar entrepreneurial success.

Since launching her coaching business, Sarah has worked with thousands of businesses, from fashion and accessories to cosmetics and homeware, improving their business strategies and connections in the industry. Today she serves these businesses from her home in Durango, where her children experience the delight of growing up in the same neighborhood with their cousins, her brothers’ children. An opportunity that means the world to Sarah made possible through the twists and turns of her journey from Hollywood to home in Durango.

Don’t miss out on the insights Sarah shares in her full interview: Watch it here.

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