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Ryan Champion with GM Mortgage

From Engineer to Mortgage Expert: Ryan Champion’s Journey

Ryan Champion, mortgage connoisseur, shares his shift from engineering to home loans and how loving his job gives him the drive to go the extra mile to assist his clients. With a unique perspective on his job, he brings a fresh face to mortgage consultancy – one where he sees himself as a dedicated mortgage advisor not just a loan officer. 

Ryan Champion, a former mechanical engineer turned mortgage broker with GM Mortgage, has a proven track record of helping people obtain their dream homes. His expertise in navigating complex mortgage processes and his commitment to finding the best solutions for his clients make him a trusted partner in your homebuying journey.

Ryan provides an inside perspective on the complex world of mortgages. His passion for data, problem-solving, and his deep commitment to the community shine through in every anecdote of the interview. Ryan shares the wide range of mortgage products GM Mortgage offers, from 0% down to reverse mortgages and everything in between. 

Ryan’s commitment to his clients extends beyond his role as a mortgage broker. He loves to disseminate factual information about the housing market on his YouTube channel, providing a reliable source of information to counteract misinformation. His dedication to keeping his clients informed and secure is unparalleled.

GM Mortgage, a small, boutique mortgage broker firm, is committed to its clients. They stand out by working with multiple wholesale lenders, harnessing an extensive network and expertise to secure their customers’ best products and pricing.
Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, an investor, or someone looking to pull equity out from your home, GM Mortgage has a variety of mortgage programs tailored to your needs.

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