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An Interview with Natalie New

For those of you who are explorers, nature enthusiasts, and getaway seekers, this interview is for you! Sit back as we wander through nature with our guest, Natalie New, co-owner of O-Bar-O Cabins in Durango. Learn about the unique flora and fauna, the rich locals’ culture, and Natalie’s unique approach to promoting organic social distancing while enhancing the vacation experience. Whether looking for adventure ideas or a peaceful escape, this interview inspires a trip to the Colorado forests.

20 minutes from Durango…20 minutes from Vallecito Reservoir, 20 minutes from Bayfield. Everything is close.

Lucas and Sierra Piontkowski

Introducing Natalie New, Co-owner O-Bar-O Cabins

My takeaway: They’ve thought of everything!

My ideal getaway is one I don’t have to micromanage. Natalie New, co-owner of O-Bar-O Cabins in Durango, has considered every detail to make their guests’ stay ideal. I enjoyed talking with Natalie as she shared how she & her husband, who owns O-Bar-O Cabins with her, moved from St. Louis to Durango, fell in love with the unique appeal of the O-Bar-O Cabins, and made them their own. O-Bar-O customizes the perfect stay, from their custom food packages to special moment packages, health and wellness experiences, and themed gatherings. Not just for human visitors, Natalie also highlights pet-friendly amenities and the environmental consciousness that define O-Bar-O Cabins.

Key Points
– O-Bar-O Cabins offers nine fully equipped cabins spread over 8 acres along the Florida River.
– Various food packages, including breakfast options, charcuterie boards, and grill packages, are available.
– O-Bar-O Cabins embraces pet-friendliness with six dog-friendly cabins and various pet amenities.
– The cabins serve guests ranging from art enthusiasts to athletes, from fly fishermen to relaxation-seekers.
– O-Bar-O Cabins provide extra services like outdoor massages and sound healing sessions, featuring a hot tub and a wood-burning barrel sauna.

“People just have to come and experience it themselves!” ~ Natalie New

But until then, watch the interview; you’ll be glad you did.


O-Bar-O Cabins offers nine (9) fully-equipped cabins spread over 8 acres along the Florida River.

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