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Lucas & Sierra Piontkowski with Fincuity Financial

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Making Your Money Work for You

Dive into an enlightening discussion about financial education with Lucas Piontkowski, co-founder of Fincuity Financial Education and Services. In this interview, we deep-dive into the importance of financial literacy and how it can change your life. Lucas reveals his passion for helping others bridge financial education gaps and how he’s changing the narrative around the subject. Read on (or click here to listen to the full interview) to understand how Fincuity Financial can help you re-write your money story.

Fincuity Financial is helping people grow their acuity for financial success, no matter where they are in life.Whether they’re just starting out, whether they’re growing, or whether they’re well on their way toward financial stability,
Lucas & Sierra can get them further along the way.

Fincuity Financial Business Card

When I moved my tiny house on wheels to its new spot in the Durango Escalante Village, my neighbors were building their own tiny house on the spot. Lucas & Sierra Piontkowski moved to Durango just about a year before I did. While I came for vacation and decided to become a permanent local, they came to Durango as an outdoor Mecca. “We can do all the outdoor activities and live the lifestyle we want. So we made this big life decision to build our own tiny home, move to Durango, and live the mountain lifestyle, and never looked back.”

Lucas & Sierra had their first child this year. That life change led to explorations about how they would protect and provide for their family against the expected (college) and unexpected (illness). Along this path of exploration, they discovered a mutual passion for education and an opportunity to make a difference in the finances of Durango families.

Thus, before Baby Piontkowski would arrive, Fincuity Financial, a play-on-words referring to financial acuity, was born.

Sierra and Lucas Piontkowski

Fincuity Financial is an Education and Financial Services company that helps grow your financial acuity. We want to make financial services available to everyone, not just the wealthy. Most people don’t get a financial education either in the home or school, and much of what they were taught is actually working against them. In money matters, what you don’t know can truly hurt you. That’s why we take a highly educational approach and use the “How Money Works” education platform and book. It makes financial literacy available to everyone and meets people where they are at.

Once we have laid a foundation for financial success with education, we offer financial strategy sessions to help people manage, protect, and grow their money. These financial strategy sessions are completely free and open to anyone who wants to take control of their financial destiny.

First, we meet to evaluate where you’re at now. Then, we take all of your goals and numbers and go research what your best strategies, solutions, tools, and resources are to get you to where you want to be. We meet again to present your custom strategy to you and help take the next steps, such as setting a budget, paying off debt, applying for life or other insurance, putting your money to work, increasing your income, setting up a will or trust, and so much more.


“I’m excited to introduce my neighbor Lucas Piontkowski and his financial services and education business called Fincuity Financial, which helps families grow their acuity for financial success. Having had the financial education conversation with Lucas, I can say Lucas is an excellent educator. I felt very comfortable talking with him about my finances and learning things I didn’t know, even at my age. Lucas walked me through those gently. It was not overwhelming in any way. And it was understandable; he made my finances accessible to me casually and comfortably. And I appreciated that.”
– Kelly Miller

Purgatory building on North Main

Fincuity Financial’s headquarters are in the Purgatory building on Main.

From Lucas & Sierra:

“We really try to meet people where they are at. I know that money can be a very sensitive topic, and people can carry a lot of negative emotions around it. We’re here to help people navigate that with dignity and confidence, no matter what their situation is. We truly believe that we all deserve financial security and freedom. Oftentimes, the system is stacked against us… We help break through that barrier and re-write your money story. We love giving people the options and tools that they never knew existed to take control of their finances and succeed. We would say if you or anyone you know could use that help, We would love to meet with them.”

Fincuity Financial

Make a Referral

Please tell Lucas & Sierra I sent you because I’m a referral partner with Fincuity Financial. Thanks, Kelly

Who to refer: Our ideal clients are individuals, families, small businesses, and education programs. We believe in helping people, no matter where they are in life. Whether they’re just starting out, whether they’re growing, or whether they’re well on their way toward financial stability. We want to provide everyone with opportunities.

Listen for people making these comments :

I just left my job and didn’t know what to do with my 401K.

We’re having a baby/getting married or divorced/retiring/starting a business!

I want to ensure that my family is protected in the event of the unexpected.

I’ve got to start getting prepared for retirement.

I’m worried about my and my business partner’s health and the impact on our business.

I work for myself; I don’t get paid if I get sick.

Inflation’s getting out of control; things are more expensive. I’m trying to figure out how to deal with the extra expense.

I have to use my credit to get by. It’s no longer enough.

How to tell people about Fincuity Financial: Lucas and Sierra are financial professionals who specialize in financial education. Their business, Fincuity Financial, is helping people grow their acuity for financial success with a two-phase strategy. They start with education and then offer solutions custom to your desires and needs. 

Lucas & Sierra offer:

      • Opportunities for financial stability, whether you’re just starting out, growing, or well on your way there.
      • One-on-one financial strategy sessions
      • Financial education classes
      • Insurance solutions to protect yourself, your family, kids, and other business owners
      • The opportunity to join the team, start an exciting new career, or create side income to help achieve your financial goals.

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