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Lauren Powers with Mutual of Omaha

Lauren Powers on Providing an Inclusive and Personal Approach to Insurance

Introducing Lauren Powers from Mutual of Omaha, an expert witness to the emotional journey that personal finance often is. Lauren specializes in life insurance, but as she says, there’s more to it than just leaving a legacy. There lies a whole spectrum of tools in between that can help you live your best life right now. You’ll get a peek into how that works without spoiling the secret sauce!

“I’m enjoying meeting people looking for a more personal connection. So, talking through the best option for that person, there’s no blanket advice; it’s all very personal.”
~ Lauren Powers

Lucas and Sierra Piontkowski


A testament to Lauren Powers’ commitment to cultivating personal relationships: Lauren has lived in Durango for about as long as I have, but she has already met more people in this community than I suspect I ever will! And everyone I bump into who knows Lauren talks about what a delight she is to be with, something I agree with wholeheartedly.

Lauren takes this commitment to building personal relationships into her work as a life insurance agent with Mutual of Omaha. She cares for her clients and works tirelessly to engage them with the insurance coverage they want and need. 

As I talked with Lauren, she described some of the services she provides:

“I’m mainly focusing on life insurance. There’s more to it than just a death benefit or leaving a legacy for your family. But people need to realize they can use their life insurance policy while living. That it can help them achieve their own goals and dreams while they’re still able to. I do life insurance with cash accumulation that helps as a retirement supplement—helping people plan for retirement, hoping for the best while preparing for the worst situation.

I also offer things like disability income insurance. If you were to be sick or hurt for a long time, your income would be supplemented. And, hopefully, you have health insurance already in place, which would help you cover other bills.

We also have critical illness insurance, another health care supplement. As well as long-term care insurance. Assisted living nursing homes give people more independence and the ability to choose the type of care that they want later on. It might be sooner than you think. Hopefully, it never has to happen, but it’s there when needed.

And I’m just helping people. Sometimes, it’s something as simple as putting in a budget. A lot of times, people are nervous just to get started. A lot of emotion goes into getting involved with people’s personal finances. When I first got into it and met with a financial advisor, I was embarrassed at what I didn’t know. And it was a little tearful conversation. But getting on a financial plan and having somebody to talk to who is understanding was helpful for me. And so I am trying to be that person for others and knowing how difficult it can be.

Soon, I will be offering investments. I’m getting my license so that I can help with other investments. So, if you are in a position to grow your money through wealth management, that would be another service we could provide.

We can also help with many things like the Family Insurance Act that went through. You can do it yourself through Colorado. But it’s just another thing that can be taken off your plate. I can help small businesses with group plans. If you want to do group life, group disability, or get help with the family plan. We have a couple of other partners for health insurance, too.

I don’t want you to think everything is under Mutual of Omaha because it’s nice we have partnerships with others. And those partnerships are growing. We are currently working on adding property and casualty coverage that might be affiliated with another company.”

From Lauren:

“Working for a larger company like Mutual of Omaha, I have many different resources. So if it’s not something I do specifically, like investments, somebody on my team does that and helps me with that.”

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