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“I’m enjoying meeting people looking for a more personal connection. You can do many things online: plug in some numbers and even get insured immediately. But I want to ensure that people feel cared for; they have a liaison between what they want and need.” ~ Lauren Powers

Who to refer: Lauren enjoys meeting people looking for a more personal connection with their financial support.

Behind the Storefront:

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Contact Info

(720) 678-9314

Listen for these comments:

Researching insurance online is so frustrating!

My business needs to start offering insurance.

I want to start planning for retirement, but I want to know if I have what it takes to begin.

Did you hear about the Family Insurance Act that recently went through?

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How to tell people about Lauren Powers’ services:  Lauren wants to help people feel cared for as they approach their insurance and financial needs and have a liaison between what they want and need. Lauren will ensure it’s happening according to how you want it.

Lauren offers: 

    • Life insurance and its versatile benefits while alive and after.
    • Disability income insurance
    • Critical illness insurance
    • Long-term care insurance
    • Helping small businesses with group plans and the Family Insurance Act.
    • Financial education and personal connection
    • Expanding services and partnerships to cater to broader needs, such as investments, property, and casualty coverage.