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Laura Ross with Durango Neighbors

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The Story of Durango Neighbors

Laura Ross represents Best Version Media and publishes two community magazines, Durango Neighbors and Farmington Living. She is also the Market Manager for Western Colorado, helping others start community magazines like those in their areas. She is searching for entrepreneurs who want to publish a Best Version Media magazine in their community with her support and expertise. 

Bringing People Together ~ Best Version Media

Laura’s personal motto: Community Connector

Cover Photo_DurangoNeighbors

In the first fall that I lived in Durango, I was trying to decide if I would stay year-round. Durango was originally a 6-month escape from the heat of Phoenix, Arizona. But I immediately fell in love with this community and my spot along the Animas River. Yet, I was a desert girl and nervous about living in the snow. 

I sat that day in a condo at the Tamarron Resort with a giant picture window of the fall colors. And I picked up the magazine on the coffee table. It was Durango Neighbors. As I looked through it, I started to sense the anticipation of becoming a part of this amazing community.

How appropriate then to learn that fall is Laura Ross’ favorite season in Durango! 

The fall colors in Colorado are beautiful. And the days are still warm, and the nights aren’t too cold yet. ~ Laura Ross

I asked Laura if she drives that loop from here up to Ouray and around through Telluride. She said nowadays, she prefers to avoid those crowds. Now, she doesn’t just drive through the scenery. “I have some secret spots. I like to get out, hike, and not sit in my car. Just take it all in.” And, sensing my question before I could ask, Laura added, “I won’t be sharing this with you.” 😜 

Laura embodies the love of small-town connections presented in the magazines she publishes. She lives by example for the other local publishers she mentors. Of that connection, she says, “That’s what we’re about, bringing people together. We want them to know who is living in our same community to come together and unite with one another and make our community better.”

Laura approaches the magazines’ advertising in the same way. She personally meets with every person and business she features. And she sees the magazine as an opportunity for companies to develop their brand. They do this by positioning their advertising to sponsor a specific section they care about. Sections include a calendar of events, local sports, a pet corner, and features for local non-profits and artists.

Businesses could also position their branding as a local expert in their field. They can share their voice by providing an expert article that helps educate and inform readers about their product or services and how they could be helpful to somebody who needs what they’re offering.

As I talked with Laura, I could sense her passion for this community. She means it when she says, “What I enjoy about this is helping businesses achieve the goals they want by reaching the right customers to help them bring profit to their business. So it’s a joy for me to do this every day and bring good news to the readers that receive the magazine.”

In her own words, Laura's Story:

“The previous publisher of Durango Neighbors sought me out to replace her as Publisher of Durango Neighbors because she was moving out of state. She was recommended to me by a mutual friend who we met in a local networking group. She was told that I had an extensive marketing and advertising background and deep-rooted relationships with many local businesses. After I learned more about the magazine and met with Best Version Media, I was thrilled to take over publishing and partner with Best Version Media, who, I think, came up with a brilliant idea.  This has been a wonderful experience for me.”

Durango Neighbors Cover

Laura continues, “I love my work and its positive impact on the communities. 

After a year and a half of success taking over Durango Neighbors, BVM asked me to become a Market Manager to mentor newer publishers and expand the market with new magazines in Western Colorado and New Mexico. This led me to take on Farmington Living magazine and help start Pagosa Living, which Mary Tighe is the publisher of. 

I am also the Market leader of Montrose Living, Steamboat Living, & Fruita Living. I am actively looking for someone to start publications in Cortez, Co, Alamosa Co, Grand Junction, Aspen, Glenwood Springs, and many other areas in Colorado and New Mexico.”

Durango Neighbors

Laura Ross, Durango Neighbors & Farmington Living magazines with Best Version Media

Who to refer: Ideal partners are local businesses that want to elevate their brand identity among the most valued and influential homeowners. 

Contact Info

(970) 759-6764

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How to tell people about Durango Neighbors and Best Version Media: Laura helps local businesses develop their brand identity through her magazines.

Publishing in Durango Neighbors helps with:

  • Business Brand Development
  • Publicity
  • Advertising
  • Expert Positioning
  • Community Positioning



Our publications are designed to bring people together. They act as a powerful catalyst for businesses that want to elevate their brand identity and build trust and credibility with the readers.
Laura specializes in empowering businesses through our strategic multi-channel marketing campaigns. Her expertise is helping businesses create a distinctive brand message that resonates with our highly valued residents, fostering deeper connections that increase revenue and elevate brand recognition.

We serve local businesses and residents by providing professional, family-friendly publications that bring people together.

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