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Kristi Dranginis with Bird Mentor

Across Continents: How Birding Connects

I moved to Durango at the start of the Pandemic Shutdown. And with that came the shuttering of my hope to join the local bird club when I arrived. So I turned online to find ways to connect and found Kristi Dranginis with Bird Mentor. Since then, I’ve become one of her Master’s Course students, attended both For the Love of Birds festivals, and participated in her springtime Learning Birdsong course. For me, Kristi is an integral part of my Durango community, even though she had moved back east before I arrived.

Bird Mentor’s beginnings were seeded among bird walks along the Animas River. A fantastic group of students who took her first Master’s Course nourished those seeds until they blossomed into a full suite of online courses. Today, Kristi hosts weekly bird sits via Zoom. She has dozens of students enrolled in her 8-month deep dive Master’s Course. Dozens more participate each spring to Learn Birdsong. Hundreds more have gone through her introductory 8-day Identify Any Bird Anywhere course. Thousands attended her For the Love of Birds festivals during the pandemic, which she is now translating as For the Love of Birds Rendezvous – periodic presentations from unique members of the birding and naturalist world.

During COVID, many people started feeling lonely and separated from the world and their connections with people. Kristi’s students reported that we didn’t have that experience because we had the birds. We had our relationship with the birds and our connection with the birds, so we never felt alone. 

Kristi teaches an invitation to approach nature that transformed my life. She says, “Something that feels important to me is the approach. I think that’s unique in my approach to birding.” This unique approach to birding is mirrored in Kristi’s view of Durango.

“In Durango, there’s always something to do. There’s always something fun. You have such a creative community of people who want to create something fun for people to do. There’s a solid local crew of folks. And that’s really where the magic is because they’re the people that make things happen. They’re the people who are making the fun stuff.” ~ Kristi

To which I say thank you, Kristi, for creating Bird Mentor to make birding fun and accessible!

Exploring bird language and identification through a deep nature connection to strengthen your love of birds!

Bird Mentor

Make a Referral

Who to refer: Anyone who’s in love with birds. Anyone who’s bird curious, as they might say. Someone who wants to connect more with nature because the birds bring us into nature in a magical way. They’re everywhere.

Anyone who wants to connect more deeply with nature. To learn how to slow down in their life. If they’ve got a busy life, or their mind is racing all the time. Maybe they have anxiety. Learning how to bird in this particular way helps people to connect with themselves again and slow down.

Listen for these comments:

I wish I knew the name of the birds in my yard.

I want to join the bird club, but they might be out of my league.

I’m afraid it’s too late for me to learn to learn birds; my eyesight, hearing, and memory aren’t what they used to be.

I know being outside in nature is good for me, but I’m just so stressed and busy.

How to tell people about Bird Mentor: Kristi helps people of all ages and levels of expertise grow their connection to the birds and their birding confidence. She offers:

      • Mentoring for beginning and master birders
      • Online courses
      • Presentations from interesting people at the top of the field
      • Bird nerd communities
      • Books and other resources she’s written and curated

Exploring bird language and identification through a deep nature connection to strengthen your love of birds!

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