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Kelly MacNiven with Kelly Miranda Photography

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The Kelly Miranda Magic

Join a captivating conversation with renowned photographer Kelly Miranda MacNiven as she shares insights about her photographic styles, her love for Durango’s outdoor life, and the unique ways she helps preserve special moments. Listen to Kelly as she walks us through her beautifully designed heirloom albums, the uniqueness of metal prints, and the importance of having more than just a portrait for your family’s legacy!

Kelly Miranda MacNiven is Durango, Colorado’s Best Family and Wedding Photographer!

Kelly MacNiven

I met Kelly MacNiven through the Professional Women’s Network of Durango. Two years later, we are serving together on their Board of Directors. So when it came time for me to get a professional photo taken, Kelly was the obvious choice. What I experienced was expert guidance, transforming my nervous anxiety through Kelly’s grace and joy to great comfort. 

Kelly even let me bring my puppy dog. I was so nervous about bringing such a young pup into an environment like that. I was afraid she was going to knock over all your lights or something. But you handled both of us so well that I even stopped worrying! And, as far as I know, my puppy didn’t break anything. 🙂

I highly recommend Kelly’s photography services! She is a real pro. I recently got my final portraits back for my headshots. Like the one featured here with my puppy, Phoenix.

I absolutely love them. Kelly made them look very professional and very usable. I am comfortable putting them on my website and in the signature of my emails.

Sierra and Lucas Piontkowski

Kelly actually grew up in Durango. Her parents moved their family here when she was about five years old. Later, Kelly lived in Austin for a few years, went to photography school there, had her son, and then came back to Durango in 2012 to be with family.

Kelly Miranda Photography launched in Austin while Kelly was in school for photography. Moving back to Durango, though, she basically started it again.

This opportunity to start over again from scratch allowed Kelly to shift her focus towards families. After having a child of her own and photographing him a lot Kelly realized how much she enjoys working with babies and children and that sort of thing. 

Kelly’s primary type of photography is maternity and newborns and babies up to a year old. She has an amazing milestones package where she photographs baby sitting up, the first birthday, 18 months, and the whole set of milestones over the first couple of years.

She also does professional headshots and branding and marketing photos for other local businesses. So her main thing is “people in portraiture. I specialize in creating wall art and heirloom albums. Something that they’re going to hand down to their kids and their kids’ kids. Something that’s their legacy. Their memories are really preserved in a physical way.”


Kelly offers albums, collage-framed wall art, metal prints, and canvas prints.

  • Maternity
  • Newborns
  • Baby’s First Year
  • Family
  • High School Seniors
  • Engagements
  • Headshots

Listen to the full interview to hear more about the heirloom products Kelly can create!

Your Portraits. As Art. ♡

Kelly Miranda Photography Logo


My family is a huge biking family. My son and my husband race BMX bikes, and we like to mountain bike. They like to do dirt jumps and that kind of stuff. And skiing; we love to ski in the winter. 

I love mountain biking and being down by the river and going to the lake and BMX races and stuff like that. We love Lake Nighthorse. My son loves the Wibit, and I have a little inflatable kayak that I like to bring and paddle around sometimes.
~ Kelly Miranda MacNiven

Kelly MacNiven

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Contact Info

(970) 946-7279

info@kellymirandaphotography .com

How to tell people about Kelly Miranda Photography: While Kelly offers both digital AND printed products, she believes in the importance of printed photographs. The tangible portraits will be passed down for generations. Your albums, prints, canvases, and metal art will stand the test of time.  


We have a 2400-square-foot studio space located in Bodo Park that we rent out. Our studio space is great for people looking for a big open space for all kinds of things. Meetings, appointments, and a quiet space to get work done. People who are looking to do yoga classes, dance classes, things like that.  We rent it out hourly.

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