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Who to refer: My ideal clients are local & online business owners who thrive in creative expression but struggle with running their businesses.

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Kelly and Phoenix

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(602) 291-7319

Listen for these comments:

I wish I had more time to create or connect with my clients.

I feel I’ve lost connection with my original reason for starting my business.

I’ve lost my passion and creative spark amidst all the business administration and marketing.

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How to tell people about Kelly Jean Marketing: Kelly helps business owners like you create or customize their businesses to work smoothly for them instead of against them. She does:

  • Website & Marketing Makeovers to optimize for more sales
  • Designs or refining of print pieces that your customers will want to read
  • Audits of business apps to help them work better for your personality & season of life
  • Consultations to help you find your voice and the right words to describe your business & engage naturally with potential clients

Helping businesses to run smoothly & generate a profit bringing you back into your creativity & desired life.