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Kaija Dawn Coaching

Kaija’s Insight: Healing, Connection and Living Authentically

In this interview, we have an intimate chat with Kaija Caraway from Kaija Dawn Coaching. A devoted coach who takes a root cause therapy approach to help people understand their bodies, minds, spirits, and how their trauma influences their lives. Kaija takes us through her journey of becoming a coach, her services, and why she loves the genuine community of Durango.

An In-Depth Look at Kaija Dawn Coaching with Kaija Carawa

In this interview, I delve into a heartfelt conversation with Kaija Caraway from Kaija Dawn Coaching. Kaija shares her transformative journey into coaching, her comprehensive services, and her deep affection for the authentic community of Durango. A passionate coach who embraces a unique ‘root cause therapy’ approach. This approach empowers individuals to comprehend their bodies, minds, spirits, and the profound impact of their trauma on their lives. ‘Root cause therapy’ refers to a method that focuses on identifying and addressing the underlying causes of issues rather than just treating the symptoms. 

 Kaija’s coaching journey, a testament to her unwavering commitment and deep understanding of women’s struggles, is a beacon of hope and inspiration.
She provides profound insight into the traumas she assists her clients in understanding and navigating, offering a transformative path to healing.

In our interview, Kaija unveils a unique and comprehensive coaching practice, a blend of regular Zoom or phone sessions, somatic experiences, and holistic support. This intriguing approach is designed to empower her clients on their healing journey, leaving them curious and eager to learn more.

“I believe that if you’re open and ready to take a different approach to your healing than you’ve taken before, perhaps you’ve read all the books, listened to all the interviews, journaled, meditated, done therapy, maybe even EMDR, perhaps even tried plant medicine.

But the approach that I take with clients is more of a root-cause therapy approach and more of a nervous system-based approach to helping you understand your responses to your environments and your responses to your thoughts; it’s this cutting-edge approach to healing again because it’s coming from a lens that most modalities don’t even touch on.

The services I provide are helping you increase your mind-body connection, understand yourself from a neurological level, understand your trauma types and how that’s influenced your life and how it’s still playing a role in your life today, and start to unwind all of that a little bit through weekly coaching.” ~ Kaija

Kaija’s ideal client is not just open, but ready to embrace a unique healing approach. They are eager to embark on a journey of self-improvement and deeply committed to self-love, healing, and finding their authentic path. If this resonates with you, it’s a testament to your readiness and value, and Kaija’s coaching services might be the perfect fit.

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