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K-Lea Gifford Yoga

Discover the Richness of Yoga with Iyengar Expert K-Lea Gifford

In this interview, we dive deep into the fascinating world of Iyengar yoga with teacher K-Lea Gifford. Discover her powerful approach to therapeutic yoga that meets people where they are, and learn how she tailors her sessions for all – from total beginners to aspiring teachers. Whether you’re a yoga enthusiast or interested in exploring health and wellness, this conversation will open your eyes to an array of holistic benefits yoga can offer.

“After 31 years of teaching, I have many skills in my bag that I feel I can offer people.”

~ K-Lea Gifford

Lucas and Sierra Piontkowski


In my conversation with K-Lea, we discuss how yoga goes beyond physical practice and how its philosophy stitches into every fabric of our existence, promising a shift in consciousness.
If you’ve been contemplating starting your journey with yoga or are already an enthusiast interested in a deeper understanding of the art, then K-Lea Gifford Yoga is for you.

K-Lea has the motto: Never pick anything that feels like work. And then you’ll never have to go to work a day in your life. I love yoga, and I love people. So, I developed more opportunities to offer that in Durango.

This is reflected in her services (in her own words):

I have an in-home studio where I can do privates, duos, or trios.

I go to other studios like Yoga Durango and Sweaty Buddha.

And I offer corporate classes as well.

People can put together classes in their groups, and then I show up on-site, bring all the stuff, and teach special events that way.

I also do retreats. This year, I took 14 people to Spain, where we did a week-long yoga retreat.

I also have a Sunday morning all-levels class on Zoom so that you can stay in the comfort of your own home.

I also record my class every Sunday and put it on my website. You can pick a topic and watch the class to check out what a class might be like with me or if you have a specific need. I name all the classes according to my focus: lower back, twisting poses, neck and shoulders, hands, or feet. It’s $15 to download the recording and yours forever. I’ve also included all the pose names, so have something to follow along and guide you as you learn the practice.

Then, I do special events and workshops in town. I had one in October for yoga for the pelvic floor.

I’ve done wedding parties for people. Sports, special events, like if a race is coming up, and bikers need a specific stretch just for the upper back and their quads.

I love working with advanced people as well. I’m a guest instructor at the Transformative Learning Center to do yoga teacher training.

Every time I hurt myself or work with someone with an injury, it informs the practice so that I can help the next person.

I’m interested in therapeutics. I have a couple of Parkinson’s clients and MS. If they’re not mobile, I go to their house and work with them there.

Last year, I had four people with knee replacement surgeries who, after they were released from PT, I worked with them.

I’m having somebody this week who is having a hip replacement.

I love working on anything that is a therapeutic challenge.

From newbies to people looking to become teachers, I love both and everything in between.

From K-Lea:

“I am happy to send out a free demo recording. Pick one you like from my website, and use the contact form or call me at (303) 819-9076 to let me know you’re interested, and I’ll send it to you at no charge.

I want to make sure it’s a good fit, I want to make sure we’re talking the same language, and it feels good to you.

Also, you can take it with you if you download it. So, if you’re on vacation and think, “I want a bit of a stretch today, ” you have it. It’s right there.”

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