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I am blown away by the variety and depth K-Lea provides. I felt such generosity and grace coming from her. I hope many people experience the full balance she teaches in her practice. ~ Referral Network Curator, Kelly Miller

Who to refer: My ideal clients are people from yoga newbies to those looking to become teachers. And I love everything in between.

Behind the Storefront:

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Listen for these comments:

I want to try yoga, but I am an absolute newbie.

I can’t do yoga; I can’t touch my toes.

I’ve had injuries, tightness, or stiffness, so I don’t know if I can do yoga.

I want to have a yoga party for my friends.

I wish my company would provide on-site yoga classes.

I want to do yoga but am embarrassed to attend a class.

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How to tell people about K-Lea Gifford Yoga: With K-Lea’s teaching, no one ever has to feel lost, intimidated, or overwhelmed

K-Lea Gifford Yoga helps with: K-Lea teaches Iyengar Yoga, known as prop yoga, to make yoga easier to access and modify for people with injuries, tightness, or stiffness.

  • Private, Duo, and Trio sessions available in K-Lea’s home studio
  • Put together your own Group Session at your event location
  • Yoga Retreats in destinations like Spain
  • In-home therapeutic sessions
  • On-site Corporate Yoga Classes
  • Sunday morning, all-levels beginning class, on Zoom