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Jolie Ensign with Pause Fitness

Unleashing the Power of Nutrition and Fitness with Jolie Ensign

In this interview, Jolie of Jolie Nutrition and Fitness and Pause Yoga and Pilates shares her journey from working as a wellness coordinator at a hospital to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Jolie talks about her approach to nutrition, focusing on her signature program, “The Real Food Reset,” and the broad spectrum of clients she assists.

Unleashing the Power of Nutrition and Fitness with Jolie Ensign

My interview with Jolie Ensign unveils a truly inspiring journey. From a wellness coordinator at a hospital, she bravely transitioned into a thriving entrepreneur, launching Pause Fitness & Nutrition amidst the challenging 2020 pandemic. Despite the odds, Jolie’s ventures not only survived but thrived, driven by the increasing demand for health and wellness services during these trying times.

Jolie’s renowned nutritional program, ‘The Real Food Reset,’ is far from a generic solution. It is intricately crafted to cater to each client’s distinct requirements, tackling issues such as weight loss, medication reduction, gut health, and cognitive decline.
Jolie’s approach to physical training mirrors this personalization, honing in on functional fitness to elevate everyday activities.

Jolie’s clientele is a testament to the wide-ranging appeal and efficacy of her services. It encompasses a diverse spectrum, from athletes and youth to individuals with specific health conditions like diabetes, those preparing for weight loss surgeries, or patients in the state of perimenopause or menopause.
Her robust relationships with various health providers in the community, who entrust her enough to refer their patients, further underscore the caliber of her services.
Jolie also places great value on in-person consultations, which foster strong, trusting relationships with her clients. As part of her service, she offers the option of body composition analysis, augmenting the level of personalized care.

Watch the full interview to learn about Jolie and Pause Fitness and Nutrition.

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