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I hadn’t met Andy Wingerd before our conversation at The Yellow Carrot. But his videos and images I saw online were impressive. By the end of our delightful two-hour lunch, I knew who I would turn to for my next business video. ~ Referral Network Curator, Kelly Miller

Andy Wingerd, Ignited Imagery

Who to refer: Our ideal clients are businesses needing commercial film, photography, headshots, commercials, event or video photography.

Contact Info

(970) 749-3728

Behind the Storefront:

Brain Train Durango

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How to tell people about Ignited Imagery: Andy Wingerd specializes in commercial photography and video. 

Ignited Imagery helps with: 

  • Event photography and videography
  • Commercials
  • Headshots
  • Video & Photos for Social Media
  • Website videos
Listen for these comments:

Tourists aren’t straying off Main; how do I get them to visit my business?

My website is outdated, and it needs a refresh.

I need a video for my social accounts.

I need a new headshot. I’m putting together a summit/retreat/expo/workshop that I hope to do annually.