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Holly Woods, Emergence Institute

Emerging into the Most Fulfilling Version of You with Holly Woods

The Golden Thread: A Journey to Your True Self – Holly shares insights from her book ‘The Golden Thread’, which explores purpose and fulfillment throughout the stages of life. Explore ways to escape the shadows of doubt and insecurity and emerge as an extraordinary version of yourself.

I am thrilled to introduce Holly Woods from Emergence Institute to this interview. With her roots in Colorado and California, Holly shares her inspiring journey in the coaching and consulting business. She passionately describes her transition from health, conflict, and stress reduction coaching to purpose coaching in our interview. With an impressive 40 years of experience, she now dedicates herself to purpose coaching, igniting a spark in individuals to identify their life goals and create products or businesses that align with them.

Holly delves into the truly unique approach of the Emergence Institute, a beacon of innovation in the field. Their mission is to guide individuals toward their best versions through truly one-of-a-kind methods. Holly’s own approach is enriched by her PhD in Human and Organizational Development, which she skillfully brings to bear in her client interactions, leaving them intrigued and curious about the possibilities.

Holly is bubbling with enthusiasm about the launch of a new group program and ‘moonshot factory’ platform designed to help successful people seek new challenges and stay inspired. Her excitement is contagious, sparking anticipation. Contact Holly through her website to get the latest updates and participate in this exciting journey.

Holly wrote the best-selling book, The Golden Thread, where to Find Purpose in the Stages of Your Life.

In Holly’s own words: 

After 30+ years working with clients to find and live meaningful lives rooted in purpose, I discovered the Golden Thread that lives inside each of us.

The Golden Thread is a miraculous expression of your soul throughout the stages of your life, as your soul is nudging and pulling you to express yourself.

To BE who you really are. To live your most meaningful life and make your greatest contribution.

By uncovering your own Golden Thread, you will:

Gain clarity about who you really are, beyond anything you can imagine
Get why you’re here and what is yours to do
Uncover how everything in your life has made sense, to get where you are now
Resolve early wounding that has kept you limited and feeling small
Start to live with more meaning and greater impact, so you can help to create a better world and tend to the planet.

Go to for more information and a free chapter.


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