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Dr. Derya Anderson, PT, DPT, PRC

Who to refer: Derya is a generalist, so the people she sees the most are those who’ve tried physical therapy elsewhere and been unsuccessful.

Behind the Storefront:

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Contact Info

(303) 506-6420

Listen for these comments:

I’ve fallen through the cracks with my current PT clinic.

I’ve tried PT time and again and been unsuccessful.

I had surgery followed by PT, but I still have pain.

I have migraines and take medication that’s not working, but no one can figure it out.

Make a Referral

How to tell people about Essential PT: Derya offers physical therapy in a more you-focused approach. By treating the whole body as a system, Derya has been able to get much better results faster and help those who have repeatedly fallen through the cracks, having done tons of PT and getting better, but not really. Derya will be with you one-on-one the whole time, and together, she will look at your body and make sure you understand what you need to be doing.

Essential Physical Therapy helps with:

  • Balance and Gait Training
  • Breathe Better to Move Better
  • Restoration for Runners
  • Restorative Yoga
  • PRI Therapy for Active Adults:
    Whether you have back or neck pain, an achy knee, or a wonky shoulder, PRI-based physical therapy can help you feel back to your old self again.