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Durango Neighbors

Durango Neighbors is engaging to read. I wanted to keep flipping through and really felt like it was a great way to get to know the community. ~ Referral Network Curator, Kelly Miller

Laura Ross, Durango Neighbors & Farmington Living magazines with Best Version Media

Who to refer: Ideal partners are local businesses that want to elevate their brand identity among the most valued and influential homeowners. 

Behind the Storefront:

Cover Photo_DurangoNeighbors

Contact Info

(970) 759-6764

Listen for these comments:

I’m trying to develop our company’s brand identity.

I’d like our business to be known for supporting the local community.

I need to educate people about the unique service we provide.

I’d like to be known as “The expert in [field of business]” for Durango.

Make a Referral

How to tell people about Durango Neighbors and Best Version Media: Laura helps local businesses develop their brand identity through her magazines.

Publishing in Durango Neighbors helps with:

  • Business Brand Development
  • Publicity
  • Advertising
  • Expert Positioning
  • Community Positioning



Our publications are designed to bring people together. They act as a powerful catalyst for businesses that want to elevate their brand identity and build trust and credibility with the readers.
Laura specializes in empowering businesses through our strategic multi-channel marketing campaigns. Her expertise is helping businesses create a distinctive brand message that resonates with our highly valued residents, fostering deeper connections that increase revenue and elevate brand recognition.

We serve local businesses and residents by providing professional, family-friendly publications that bring people together.