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Dr. Amy Slabaugh with Integrative Motion PT

The Nervous System’s Key Role in Healing: 

A Deep Dive with Dr. Amy Slabaugh

In this interview, get an insider’s look at Amy’s transformative journey from Montana to Durango, the challenges and thrills of starting a business, and the intricacies of treating complex, unresolved medical cases. Plus, get a taste of her life outside the therapy room–building her own home! Join us for this immersive journey of resilience, innovation, and whole-body healing.

Physical Therapy for the Freedom to Move

Dr. Amy Slabaugh, PT, DPT, CMPT, CIDN, RYT

Lucas and Sierra Piontkowski

Amy completed her Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Eastern Washington University and maintains the highest levels of certification for physical therapy and dry needling.

You’ll get a combination of high-level training and a diversity of therapies from Dr. Amy Slabaugh. She blends modalities while providing individualized care and dynamic treatment paths.

I met Amy at a Professional Women’s Network (PWN) event and then had the opportunity to connect over a cup of coffee at Lola’s Place before this interview. That conversation stuck with me as I sensed an authenticity about her commitment to her local community. She strikes me as someone who values deep friendships and desires to invest in those relationships. In our interview, I sensed that depth of caring also imbues her practice.

Amy and her husband are building their home here in Durango this year. So when she’s not in her office, treating patients, she is framing their house with her husband. During our interview, we could hear her husband working on the roof.

Originally from Montana, they relocated to Durango a year ago. They were looking for more opportunities to be outside seasonally, for mountain biking specifically. They were drawn to this community and how active it is—all of the outdoor opportunities that it provides.

She describes her favorite season here in Durango, Fall, as “spectacular with the change of the leaves and riding through the Aspen. It’s sometimes difficult to stay on the trail because I’m so distracted by the beauty here.”

Sierra and Lucas Piontkowski

I asked Amy about the origins of her physical therapy practice and she shared:

“I was practicing in Bozeman, Montana, working for an outpatient sports clinic, and it was an amazing facility. It was a great group to work for. However, I have a unique skill set and diverse training in different modalities. The setting didn’t really allow me to work the way I wanted to. As far as approaching treatment from a more holistic perspective and combining different modalities that I’ve been trained in and have used for years.

So that’s what really motivated me to create my own business. So, I’ve been on my own for over six years now. I had my own practice in Bozeman, which I closed prior to relocating to Durango. Closing was difficult because I had an amazing group of patients that I worked with. I had an opportunity to extend my family through them. I created great relationships with all these people who trusted me with their physical care. It was so so amazing.

So I’m now here in Durango, and I want to foster that same type of treatment approach here in this community.”

Amy has advanced training and certification in orthopedic manual physical therapy. She’s gone through extended coursework and examination processes in diagnosing and treating neuromuscular disorders and orthopedic pathology. She is able to address joint immobility through different techniques. Additionally, she is fully trained and has advanced certification in dry needling. The type of training she has is a neurological integrative approach, meaning that she’s treating more of the nervous system or the neuromuscular system and addressing the function that way. And then she is also a certified yoga teacher. The type of yoga that she’s trained in is all about the spine and alignment and how the way we move influences our nervous system. So there’s this common thread of treating more of the nervous system through different modalities.

Of her work, she says, “It’s really fun. It’s a puzzle. Everybody’s different. I love being the investigator and getting to know a person working with what they’re dealing with and finding ways that work best for their body in their unique situation.”

From Amy:

“I wasn’t initially drawn to the field of physical therapy or the profession of physical therapy. I experienced a series of orthopedic injuries. I ended up having numerous surgeries and rehabilitation after. That’s when I sparked an interest and passion in learning more about the body, recovery, and chronic pain. Those experiences shaped my approach and work because I’ve also been there myself in a way. Everybody’s story is different. I have that empathy and compassion, which is invaluable in how I treat and work.”

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