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Unlocking Advanced Physical Therapy Techniques:

Meet Dr. Derya Anderson, PT, DPT, PRC, a specialist armed with a non-traditional approach, a knack for solving unexplained physical ailments, and the keys to a holistic form of physical therapy. Tune in to find out how she uses unique training to treat the whole body in Durango and discover if Essential Physical Therapy might hold the solution to your health concerns.

“By treating the whole body as a system, I’ve been able to get much better results faster.”
~ Dr. Derya

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In this interview, our host, Kelly Miller, talks with Dr. Derya Anderson, PT, DPT, PRC, the owner and founder of Essential Physical Therapy. Derya shares her journey of moving to Durango and setting up her unique physical therapy business.

She brings a fresh perspective to the standard way of administering physical therapy by adopting a more holistic and patient-focused approach. Derya combines a variety of systems, such as the nervous, respiratory, visual, and musculoskeletal, to provide care that treats the root of the problem rather than just symptoms.

Empowering patients to help themselves is at the heart of Essential Physical Therapy.

Key Interview Takeaways

  • Derya and her husband decided to move to Durango during the pandemic. They had always enjoyed visiting and camping in the area and felt the time was right to live where they loved.
  • Derya started Essential Physical Therapy in January 2020 before relocating to Durango. She initially practiced traditional physical therapy but wasn’t satisfied with the impact, leading her to develop a more holistic and successful approach.
  • Essential Physical Therapy treats patients using a whole-body and systems approach.
  • Derya is certified through the Postural Restoration Institute and uses her expertise to analyze and treat everything from posture to breathing.
  • Services offered are one-on-one, patient-focused physical therapy sessions. Derya guides and equips patients to understand their bodies and what they need to do to improve their health.
  • Patients who are most likely to benefit from Essential Physical Therapy are those who have not had success with traditional physical therapy models, have persistent pain post-surgery, or are experiencing migraines or insomnia.
  • To connect with Dr. Derya Anderson, PT, DPT, PRC and book an appointment or consultation, visit her website

From Derya:

“I worked for a more traditional type of PT for a bigger clinic. It wasn’t very fulfilling because people would get better, but not really, and they had to keep coming. You weren’t getting to the root of any of the problems. And I knew there was more. And so now I can do things in a different way that I feel is more effective.”

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