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Brooke Smith, Life Coach

Brooke is a personal development and writing coach I had the privilege of meeting through PWN Durango. She believes you can build your world starting from right where you are once you start speaking your truth. When I first met Brooke, I felt that honesty, and I felt that truth from her. In turn, I felt comfortable sharing my truth with Brooke and being real with her about where I was in my life. ~ Referral Network Curator, Kelly Miller

Brooke Smith, Life Coach

Who to refer: Brooke has helped people in all aspects of life. When life is good, there is room to make it one degree better, to add magic, or to beef up some elements. She also helps people facing catalytic moments like loss or having a baby. And people who feel stuck in life.

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(970) 769-9638

Listen for these comments:

I’m good, my marriage is good. I like my job. I like where I live. What could a life coach do to make that even better?

I don’t like doing the dishes or wishing somebody would make my coffee in the morning.

Somebody passes away, they lose their job, or have a baby. Something in their life changes. 

I feel stuck, and I’m not quite sure what I should be doing.

I’ve been thinking about taking classes, or I’ve been thinking about a big move or buying a car; all these ideas are swirling around, and I can’t figure out what is calling me. 

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How to tell people about Brooke Smith, Life Coach: Brooke helps people wherever they are in life and in the world. She is an international coach, taking calls from around the world. 

Brooke Smith Life Coaching helps with: Brooke unlocks the power of making one-degree life changes. 

  • Not even thinking of it as “improving” life but rather playing with possibilities to find your authenticity.
  • Small changes lead to lasting transformation without disrupting the stability of life radically.
  • Discover how honesty can reshape relationships and the surprising ripple effects of choosing truth in all aspects of life.
  • Fall in love with your life again
  • Unlock an abundance of joy and satisfaction. 
  • Rediscovery yourself.

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Brooke Smith