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Brooke Smith, Life Coach

One-degree Turn to Better Life:

Brooke’s Coaching Path

This interview dives into the power of making one-degree life changes with life coach Brooke Smith. Not even thinking of it as “improving” life but rather playing with possibilities to find your authenticity. Listen to Brooke speak on how small changes lead to lasting transformation without radically disrupting life’s stability.

Step into the life you choose.

When you come to Brooke Smith, Life Coach, this is your chance to redevelop and restructure your entire world around what feels best to you. And just like she did, it’s taking those one-degree turns toward what feels better. 

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Brooke Smith is a Durango girl who loves the beach. She has found abundant joy in the heart of Durango while getting to the ocean at least once a year. She captures this love by sharing this experience she had last fall:

I’ve walked the sky stairs probably a million times. It was right around sunset in the fall, and the leaves were changing. My partner and I decided to do the sky steps. I got to the top. And we just sat down and looked. And here’s this beautiful town in this grid. You can see the Strater Hotel. Here comes the train running through. You can see the river. You can hear the church bells. And I’m just like, where are we right now? It was one of those moments that felt surreal, with the colors changing—just a beautiful little town. ~ Brooke Smith

I asked Brooke how she started her coaching business and want you to hear her story directly from her:

Brooke Smith:
That’s a complex question. The launch point or the catalyst for it would be in 2016. My mom passed away. It was pretty sudden. It was my bathroom floor moment. And it was so tragic and such a hard time in my life. I didn’t know who I was or what to do. I ended up reading a book, and the tools and techniques mentioned throughout the book were just really different and unique and made me shift my perspective. I ended up on a retreat with a coach who had gone through the life coach training of the author. The author’s name is Martha Beck.

On this retreat, I had this moment. I didn’t even know what life coaching was back then, or at all. I just thought oh, a retreat. It was in Maui. It was a great price. Everything was included. And I’m like, you know what, take me back home again. My sister lives there, so I got to spend time with her.

During that retreat, I had some significant awareness. I returned from that retreat and signed up for that life coach training course shortly afterward. I did not understand what a life coach does; I wanted more. How can I get more of this?

Once I was in the training, it was so transformational. Everything in my life started clicking together for the first time. As we learn the tools during this long nine-month training, we’re expected to practice them. So, my life just felt like it was finally clicking together. Things were making sense, and changes were happening, but I was like, this feels good.

Immediately after the initial training, I signed up for the master coach training, which was another ten months. I wanted more. In the master training, there were no new tools to learn. It was just implementing the tools in every part of your life. Anytime something feels uncomfortable, it’s the littlest thing like standing in a grocery store line or relationships. We worked to make it feel better with one-degree turns at a time.

Soon, my life just really started flowing so perfectly. I was like, okay, this is it. This is what I want to do. In the middle of the master’s training, I left my job. I knew when I needed to go, the very moment, and gave my notice the next day. Two weeks later, I was self-employed.

I was just like, oh my gosh, what did I do? I lost the only stable thing, but then I again turned to my tools and created my business all around them so that it felt like it was in flow. I do not have to force anything, push anything, or do anything I don’t want to do. That’s how it began.

Martha Beck Incorporated has hired me back as a life-coach instructor as well. And so it’s all gone full circle. It’s pretty magical and fun. That’s how it started.


When I interviewed Brooke, she talked about knowing when somebody’s speaking the truth. This is my response to Brooke about that:

When you and I sat down over coffee, I felt that truth from you. In turn, I felt comfortable sharing my truth with you and being honest with you about where I was in my life. That was a gift for me. We were able to have an authentic connection, even our first time connecting with each other for more than two minutes. ~ Kelly Miller

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From Brooke:

“Even when you’re feeling really good, we can always play. Then, of course, there is the catalytic stuff. Something in your life changes. And your belief structures change every time you hit upon something like that, whether or not you know it. So it’s touching what is true for you now, how to implement that into your life, and how to bring that forward. 

Another part of life where I work with people is when they feel stuck and not sure what they should be doing. They have all these ideas swirling around, and they can’t figure out what is calling them. 

I also coach the creative elements, including writers. People who are creative: painters, jewelry makers, all kinds of things. I talked about writing because I’ve done it, and I’ve published things and been published, so I know how to do that piece. 

From beginning writers struggling to figure out where to put it into their day to writers who have written their work, now they’re ready for an editor or beta readers or publishing, so that becomes more of a consulting position. There are a million ways to publish a book. I can help you feel your way through that and what’s right for you.”

Brooke Smith


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