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Brain Train Durango is one of my recent clients who I helped get more referrals. I have been enjoying weekly sessions since the end of last year and can attest to the power of this simple and relaxing, yet transformative treatment. ~ Referral Network Curator, Kelly Miller

Who to refer: Our ideal clients are people of all ages and lifestyles who want or need to calm their mind and improve their mental clarity and agility.

Behind the Storefront:

Rick and Lisa Stockwell in the red rock desert
Brain Train Durango Business Card Front

Contact Info

(970) 749-5308

Listen for these comments:

I struggle with anxiety, insomnia, PTSD, anger or other emotions

I am so stressed that I’m constantly tired and even losing my memory. 

I wish I could focus and perform better in class, at work, in the orchestra, or on the golf course.

I’ve had a traumatic brain injury or concussion. 

My child is on the spectrum, has Autism, or has ADHD.

My depression or addiction just isn’t getting better. 

Make a Referral

How to tell people about Brain Train Durango: Rick & Lisa help people of all ages optimize their brain with NeurOptimal® Brain Training, which offers relief for hypersensitive and overactive brains. 

Brain Training helps with: Brain training builds flexibility & resilience in the nervous system, restoring a sense of calm and focus. Rooted in decades of neuroscience, it is all-natural, has no side effects, and puts nothing into your brain. Brain training is effective and safe for all ages.

  • Enhancing cognitive function and mental clarity 
  • Improving focus and concentration
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Enhancing creativity and problem-solving skills
  • Mental Calm for Anxiety, Insomnia, PTSD, Anger, and Emotional Issues
  • Relief for Depression, Addiction, or Fatigue