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Rick & Lisa Stockwell with Brain Train Durango

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Expanding Physical Therapy Practice to Brain Training

Ever wondered what goes on inside our brains? In this interview, we are honored to welcome Rick, a devoted physical therapist who turned personal adversity into revolutionary therapeutic practice. Listen as he shares his extraordinary journey from overcoming chronic illness to discovering the ground-breaking technique of brain training.

Brain training builds flexibility & resilience in the nervous system, restoring a sense of calm and focus.

Rick and Lisa Stockwell in the red rock desert



“I do brain training sessions weekly and can attest to the benefits of increased resilience, my brain not getting hijacked, and having more moments of calm.

Brain Training has dramatically improved my quality of life.

It’s life-changing while also being relaxing to do!”

~ Kelly Miller

Brain Train Durango Business Card Front

Brain Train Durango

For the past 13 years, Rick has focused on the nervous system and helping dysregulated systems.

Having incorporated neurofeedback into his practice Rick says, “It’s very humbling, honoring, and amazing to be seeing some of these changes we’re seeing with people. And to be doing it together with my wife, who has been helping me with this as well, it’s very rewarding. It’s a fun thing to do.”

Rick is a self-professed education geek. He’s done significant research on the science and evidence behind NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback. He explains it quite well with this analogy of a hummingbird.

With Brain Training, what we’re looking for is if the brain is kind of bouncing around. People whose brains bounce around, like ADD, depression, anxiety, people who can’t sleep, ruminating on things, OCD. All those things where the brain is not chill and relaxed. During the brain training session, the system is monitoring the brain waves 256 times per second for four different things related to the frequency of the electrical wavelength in your brain: how strong it is, how long it’s going for, and when it’s getting ready to change and make a shift.

An analogy we have with this is like a hummingbird if it’s sitting there just at a feeder being still, just before it gets ready to move, you can actually hear the wings speed speed up. So you know, something is happening before it actually takes off. So in your brain, there’s turbulence before it’s getting ready to make a shift state change, and the electrical activity increases.

During the NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback, we’re listening to music. And when the brain is getting ready to make a state change, there is a very slight pause in the music, which is basically bringing the brain back to the moment.

Through this training, the brain builds resilience and flexibility in the central nervous system—things PTSD was restricting in my body.

Check out the full interview, where we get up close and personal. Rick shares his journey from his days as an active sportsman to a physical therapist and the life-altering event of contracting viral encephalitis. He speaks about his struggle with chronic fatigue syndrome and how his experience with nervous system dysregulation led to the establishment of Brain Train Durango.

Watch the Interview

Rick and Lisa Stockwell in the red rock desert

Neurofeedback brain training helps people suffering from chronic conditions like ADD, fatigue, depression, anxiety, trauma, autoimmune diseases, panic attacks, and more.

Rick & Lisa’s Office is located in the Sky Ridge Village Center.

Video Interview

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