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Bird Mentor and Kristi Dranginis

I believe once a local, always a local. In that spirit, you can check out this online business from a previous Durango resident. Kristi is a current client who I’m helping to streamline systems and generate more profit. ~ Referral Network Curator, Kelly Miller

Who to refer:

Anyone who’s in love with birds. Anyone who’s bird curious, as they might say. Someone who wants to connect more with nature because the birds bring us into nature in a magical way. They’re everywhere.

Anyone who wants to connect more deeply with nature. To learn how to slow down in their life. If they’ve got a busy life, or their mind is racing all the time. Maybe they have anxiety. Learning how to bird in this particular way helps people to connect with themselves again and slow down.

Bird Mentor

Behind the Storefront:


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Listen for these comments:

I wish I knew the name of the birds in my yard.

I want to join the bird club, but they might be out of my league.

I’m afraid it’s too late for me to learn to learn birds; my eyesight, hearing, and memory aren’t what they used to be.

I know being outside in nature is good for me, but I’m just so stressed and busy.

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How to tell people about Bird Mentor: Kristi helps people of all ages and levels of expertise grow their connection to the birds and their birding confidence. She offers:

      • Mentoring for beginning and master birders
      • Online courses
      • Presentations from interesting people at the top of the field 
      • Bird nerd communities
      • Books and other resources she’s written and curated

Exploring bird language and identification through a deep nature connection to strengthen your love of birds!