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Kelly Jean Miller, the founder of Kelly Jean Marketing and curator of the Durango Small Businesses Directory.

My Durango story begins with a decision 5-years earlier to take my minimal lifestyle to the next level by living in a tiny house on wheels. I found my next home when I discovered Escalante Tiny House Village. I moved to Durango at the start of the pandemic shutdown. Unable to engage with the local community, I took delight in walking the Animas River Trail daily.

In a whirlwind of moments marked by adversity, I found myself shrinking from the world. These experiences, though painful, made me sensitive to the struggles others face, particularly in the challenging world of entrepreneurship and non-profit work. Despite my experience running a multi-million dollar non-profit, I grappled with building a business that required leadership and a confident voice. My voice. My neighbors even jokingly referred to me as a hermit, a testament to how withdrawn I had become.

Kelly Jean Miller with puppy, Phoenix

However, change came when I decided to adopt a small, playful puppy named Phoenix. This little creature needed more than care and love; Phoenix needed social interaction and the freedom of the outdoors. As I nurtured Phoenix and watched her grow, I, too, started to come out of my shell. This small, innocent being taught me to stand tall, speak up, and lead with my heart, much like the energetic puppy who found joy in every new day.

The lessons I learned from Phoenix, combined with my extensive background in the non-profit sector, managing all aspects of business operations for over two decades, formed the foundation of my business. I use my experience and understanding to guide new solopreneurs, established small businesses, and non-profit organizations toward success.

I bring a unique blend of hands-on work, coaching, and guidance, with the fierce determination of a protective parent yet with the gentleness and empathy of someone who knows what it’s like to struggle.

The transformation that began in me years ago has led me to financial prosperity, personal fulfillment, and deep relationships. My life is marked by confidence, freedom from fear, and a sense of accomplishment. This success story can be yours too. By working with Kelly Jean Marketing, you’re choosing to amplify your voice, lead from your heart, and build the business of your dreams.

Your journey may have started alone, but you don’t have to walk this path alone. Like Phoenix, who brought change and joy into my life, let’s embrace the challenges and turn them into stepping stones for your success. Let’s rise together.

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