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Andy Wingerd with Ignited Imagery

Ignited Imagery started as a passion project and transformed into a successful business with a spectrum of services, including photography, videography, and aerial coverage.

When we recorded this interview, I hadn’t met Andy Wingerd and his wife, Kristi Dean, before our conversation at The Yellow Carrot. But his videos and images I saw online were so impressive I had to make the space to connect with this talented artist. By the end of our delightful two-hour lunch, I knew who I would turn to for my next business video.

Before we jumped into the conversation about Ignited Imagery, we talked about weather. And that’s how I discovered Andy has a “mild Boston Terrier obsession.” They even take their pups paddle-boarding! Kristi “gets the puppy, and I have the older gal on my board.” 

We got at the heart of Ignited Imagery as Andy shared, “Capturing a big event is really important for a company’s future marketing so they can attract even more people. It’s really critical to get a solid video that you can later put into a short clip to sell that product/event again the following year. Same thing with small businesses. Several businesses aren’t on Main. And for them, they are kind of in the shadows. It’s great to have video content that you can share on social media to drive customers to your secret special place, like this place, The Yellow Carrot, which I did some photography for.”

Although Andy had a camera in his hand from a very young age, he didn’t start Ignited Imagery until his late forties. Andy moved to Durango in the summer of 1997 and fell in love with the beauty here. Leaving the Military after rising in the ranks to a Lieutenant in the Colorado Army National Guard in Loveland, he moved to Durango to become a police officer.

He describes his journey from hobby to business, “In 2014, I was really thinking that I wanted to turn this hobby, this passion, into a real business. When I turned 48 years old, I decided if I didn’t do this before I was 50, I probably wouldn’t. And so, with much encouragement from my friends and family, I decided to start my own company. At that time, I wasn’t certain what it was going to be, but I knew it wasn’t going to be just photography. I was right. And I love fire and dragons. So I started Ignited Imagery, pictures on fire.”

From Andy: “In 2019, I rebranded and changed Ignited Imagery to only commercial film and photography.

So I do anything commercial film, photography, headshots, commercials, events, and video photography. And now, with bringing Kristi on the team, she’s boosted that with even higher quality because she does a fantastic job with slides, running the back work during an event, changing the slides from live camera shots to videos, and being able to run an entire event from the backside. I pre-record videos for the events, and she puts those into slides and then can show them during the event while I record the new live footage.”


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