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Amy Champion with Champion Transformations

Bridging the Health Care Gap with Champion Transformation in Durango

Join us in this interview as we explore the proactive healthcare approach championed by seasoned Registered Nurse, turned Board Certified Nurse Coach Amy Champion. Listen in as she explains the concept of ‘Champion Transformation’ and her holistic approach to wellbeing- physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and environmental.

My mission is to bridge the gaps in your health journey, understanding the unique challenges you face and providing tailored solutions. 

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Amy Champion, a seasoned Registered Nurse, turned Board Certified Nurse Coach, is not just a guide but a compassionate listener. She is committed to understanding her clients’ unique health journeys. Her decision to move to Durango, her passion for proactive healthcare, her entrepreneurial journey in nursing, and her love for the diversity and opportunities Durango offers all reflect this commitment to her clients’ well-being.

Amy’s over 20 years of nursing experience, mainly in critical care, and her observation of patients with preventable diseases sparked a passion for proactive healthcare.
Her decision to start Champion Transformation arose from a desire to provide patients with proactive, holistic, and sustainable steps for long-term health transformations.

As a Board-Certified Nurse Coach, Amy works with clients one-on-one, setting realistic, achievable goals and creating strategies tailored to each individual’s needs.
Her potential client base is diverse, ranging from individuals looking to achieve health-related goals, career-based goals, to self-improvement objectives. The key requirement is a motivation to change.

Amy offers various packages, personalized according to each client’s unique situation and goals. Working closely with healthcare professionals and wellness-related organizations, she ensures a comprehensive and effective approach to her clients’ health transformations. This collaborative effort aims to complement traditional healthcare by filling in gaps for clients who need an extra push in the right direction.

Many individuals seeking a change often engage various health professionals, fitness centers, yoga studios, and acupuncturists—each addressing a specific aspect of wellness. What sets Amy apart is her unique approach. She utilizes complementary therapies to help individuals not just improve but excel in their health journey.

“When a health goal seems just out of reach, I step in as a facilitator, guiding you toward the goal you’ve been striving for. I am here to help you bridge that gap and achieve that goal.” ~ Amy

Contact Info

Amy Champion

(970) 508-4468

The clients I’m currently focusing on most are women in transitional periods of life. They often give more to others than themselves, and as a result, they’re tired, potentially overwhelmed, and could be suffering from mental or physical health issues. I empower them to take back their control and permit themselves to focus on their self-care so they can serve others out of their abundance instead of an empty cup. I help them thrive.
I also work with women who have had the loss of a child, either in pregnancy or at any age. I help them work through the grief process and ignite hope for a better tomorrow.
~ Amy Champion
Champion Transformations
Board-Certified Nurse Coach

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